T Allen

I was diagnosed with Lupus about 20 years ago.  As the symptoms progressively got worse I had constant joint pain and a debilitating headache at least 20 days out of the month.  I had been taking medications to treat the lupus for many years, but nothing seemed to stop all the symptoms, or what seemed to be the slow progression of a downward spiral. 

I really didn’t know what else to do.  All most doctors seem to do...

Vanessa Suggs

September 2020

Have You Had to Stop Playing Your Sport Because of an Injury? Have you been in that appointment where surgery or cortisone shots seemed to be your only option?

I was there, surgery booked the following week, not knowing but trusting that the Doctor’s treatment was the best option for me... Thankfully I obtained a third opinion from...


L Proctor

January 2020

"I have been in the medical field for 30 years and I have never met a physician with her breadth of knowledge, compassion, and her determination to find an answer for people to live long and healthy. She has treated everyone in my family, all with successful outcomes.  She first met my son as a young pitcher with a stress fracture in his arm. Her initial evaluation centered on his feet and creating a stable..."



October 2019

"Our high school baseball coach recommended we see Dr. Williams after several seasons of sore back, shoulder and bicep related to my son’s pitching.

MRI revealed that he had a damaged UC ligament in his elbow. Dr. Williams explained in detail that surgery was not required, and the injury was just the result from pitching with the incorrect muscles and sequence. My son was..." 


Rosalyn Gist Porter

September 2019

“Nothing is more valuable than your health. So you pick your doctors wisely. You have to have faith in your doctor and trust her. My doctor just happens to be a trusted friend. I initially liked Dr. Cyd’s philosophy—treat the cause, not the symptom. I wasn’t in pain..."




"I met with Dr. Williams four months ago, when I topped out at 292 pounds.  I was pre-diabetic and in bad shape. After talking with her, I wondered how I was even still alive, my numbers were so bad.  She put me on a food plan that actually worked. I am down almost 40 pounds in those four months, and feeling much better. Never before have I seen a doctor with so much knowledge and passion about what she does..."


My Fantastic Experience

with Athletics

"When I decided to go see yet another doctor to help me with my sports injuries I was skeptical to say the least. I was not sure if there was any doctor that could help me figure out why I was unable to perform at my best and understand how to help me become the best athlete I could be.  However the game changer was when I met Dr. Williams for the very first consultation..."


Carolyn Travis 

"After an initial shoulder injury due to a ski accident, numerous dislocations and an experimental surgical procedure, I was diagnosed with significant degenerative arthritis and advised to prolong shoulder replacement surgery.  With the expertise of Dr. Williams and a team of doctors and specialists, my range of motion has impressively increased..."




With their support I have been able to overcome injuries 

"I first came to athletics sports medicine during my senior year of high school cross country. It was my first year of running cross country and I had high hopes for myself and my team going into the season. Unfortunately, I developed some serious shin pain when the season begun that was prevented me from training.  My coach suggested that I set up and..."


Feeling Fantastic 

"I don't know how to begin to thank Dr. Williams for all of her help. During the week of Christmas, I stood up and had the most excruciating pain in my knee and literally collapsed on the floor. My husband had to help me up. I was not able to walk on my own for days.  I could not even drive because it hurt to push on the gas or the brake. I was treated by my chiropractor..."



Lynda Beatty

"Dr. Williams:Thank you so very much for “what you do” for God’s Children, the next generation of Spiritual Leaders! You instill in their hearts, a desire of excellence in all areas, not just physical but all inclusive (God’s Best) your heart of HIS LOVE shines brightly- you dare to push them to the next level- of strength, excellence and integrity.

My grandchildren are better because of you! You care and it shows! Blessing,.."

-Lynda Beatty


"During the 2012 season of Spring Track, I had some sharp pain in my lower left leg but I thought it was just severe shin splints. The pain would never go away so one of my friends told me to go to Dr. Williams to get it checked out. I went to Athletic Sports Medicine after the season was over and found out that I had been running with a stress fracture in my tibia and fibula all track season..."



 Jack Wilhite 

"Many Many ThanksI am 68 years old and after many years of construction work, and many years of physical labor it has taken a toll on my neck and back. After seeing countless number of back specialist and back surgeons, who said they could do nothing, pain management doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors and every prescription drug on the market, the diagnosis was always the same "LEARN HOW TO LIVE WITH THE PAIN."... "


Wes Kamp 

"Dr. Williams is a catalyst in her field of Sports Medicine by not only finding out the problem area for the athlete, but what caused this problem and how we can prevent future reoccurences.  For me Dr. Williams was able to rehab my torn hamstring and had me back to full speed 4 weeks ahead of schedule.  I have yet to find another doctor in the St. Louis area as thorough as Dr. Williams with fixing and preventing injuries in athletes.  Do yourself a favor and stop the problem before the injury comes by seeing Dr. Williams"

Carley Von Deylen

"My Success Story. I first started going to Athletics Sports Medicine in February 2014 after I tore my ACL in a basketball game during my senior year of high school. I knew my basketball career was sadly over, but I had a difficult decision to make. Do I get ACL surgery right away and get started with the long rehab process? Or do I attempt to fully rehab before surgery and run track for one final season?..."




McCarty Family

"Doctor Williams is a great doctor. With her help, I have become a Division 1 runner. She has put a lot of personal time and expertise into getting and keeping me healthy so that I can train at a high level.  I first saw Doctor Williams about one year ago. My coach knew something was wrong because I wasn't as fast as he thought I should be. On my very first appointment with Doctor Williams, she told me that I only breathed out of one lung and that I ran with my back, not my butt..."


Blake Leadford

"My name is Blake Leadford and I am 11 years old. I am a left-handed pitcher and I have been pitching/playing baseball for 5 years. Right now, I am playing for the St. Louis Pirate 11U team. Everything was going great until St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2013. Several days after pitching in the tournament, I noticed my arm felt stiff. I have never had arm pain before. It went on for several weeks and my parents tried several things but nothing seemed to help..."


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