Blake Leadford


My name is Blake Leadford and I am 11 years old. I am a left-handed pitcher and I have been pitching/playing baseball for 5 years. Right now, I am playing for the St. Louis Pirate 11U team. Everything was going great until St. Patrick’s Day weekend 2013. Several days after pitching in the tournament, I noticed my arm felt stiff. I have never had arm pain before. It went on for several weeks and my parents tried several things but nothing seemed to help.




Everything changed when I started seeing Dr. Williams. My mom called Dr. Williams and she wanted to see me ASAP. We saw her for the first time on 4/13. It was a really long visit. She checked everything from my feet up to my head. She noticed things immediately that we did not even know were not right. The worst news was that I could not pitch, throw or hit.




I began coming in to work out on her equipment immediately. Wendy and Drew showed me how to use the different machines and have been there every time making sure I am pushing myself and doing things right.




In May, she told me I could start hitting again, but still no pitching. In June, she told me I could start pitching, but I have a pitch count. Since I have been back playing, I am stronger and faster. I hit the ball further than I ever have and I am running the bases a lot faster too. As far as pitching, I have never thrown harder or more consistently.




I know Dr. Williams is the reason I got better so quick and she is the reason why I am a better athlete. Thank you Dr. Williams!!!!





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