With their support I have been able to overcome injuries


I first came to athletics sports medicine during my senior year of high school cross country. It was my first year of running cross country and I had high hopes for myself and my team going into the season. Unfortunately, I developed some serious shin pain when the season begun that was prevented me from training. My coach suggested that I set up and appointment with Dr. Williams to see what exactly was going on in order to get back to training at a high level. After Dr. WIlliams put me though the full inspection, she had me schedule a bone scan, which confirmed that I had a stress fracture. It was pretty frustrating diagnosis to receive, especially because I had put so much work and had such high expectations going into the season.


Soon after receiving the diagnosis, Dr. Williams put me on a rigorous schedule of physical therapy, cross training and calcium pills in order to maintain my fitness while not running and to expedite the recovery process. After 4 weeks of mind-numbing pool running and stationary biking I began running again, slowly building back under the guidance of Dr. Williams and my coach. The difference was I now had proper biomechanics and custom orthotics that gave me an extra line of defense against injury. Luckily, I was able to come back quickly enough to be able to compete at the state meet. Not only was a able to compete, but I ended up running well enough to be All State as an individual and our high school ended up winning state as a team.


 During track season I had a few bumps and bruises but through all of it Dr. Williams kept me running whether it was by activates my glutes on the ski machine or realigning my hips when they went out of place. I went on the set personal records in the mile and the two mile that track season, and broke the school record in the two mile. Throughout all of high school and now to running in college I have truly appreciate the time and energy that Dr. Williams and everybody at athletics sports medicine puts into their patients. With their support I been able to overcome injuries, stay healthy and run at my best, all of which I am very thankful for.


-Drew Padgett


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