During the 2012 season of Spring Track, I had some sharp pain in my lower left leg but I thought it was just severe shin splints. The pain would never go away so one of my friends told me to go to Dr. Williams to get it checked out. I went to Athletic Sports Medicine after the season was over and found out that I had been running with a stress fracture in my tibia and fibula all track season. Of course I was devastated; my leg was practically broken! There was no way I could compete in the Cross Country season coming up and to add to it, I had to wear a silly black boot that never matched any of my outfits. I told Dr. Williams that I needed to do anything and everything to get back to my previous state of being before the 2013 spring track season came along. To return to my previous health, I had to be diligent in what Dr. Williams told me to do. I ran almost every day in the Alter-G, did diaphragmatic breathing, got orthotics, and exercised on the helix, ski machine, etc. The more I worked out, the better I got. I was progressing and actually made it back for the 2012 Winter Track. Dr. Williams’ exercises plus my own determination led me to become a three-time State Champ in the 2013 spring track season. Without Dr. Williams I would probably be rehabbing still. She uses great techniques that increase your recovery time and get you back to your sport as fast as possible. Dr. Williams’ is also the reason I am going to Lindenwood to study pre-med Biology. Dr. Williams’ inspired me to become a doctor because she isn’t just like every other doctor. She makes you feel comfortable while improving any issue that you have. I want to help people like how she does.

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