L Proctor

January 2020

"I have been in the medical field for 30 years and I have never met a physician with her breadth of knowledge, compassion, and her determination to find an answer for people to live long and healthy. She has treated everyone in my family, all with successful outcomes.  She first met my son as a young pitcher with a stress fracture in his arm. Her initial evaluation centered on his feet and creating a stable base. While that may seem unorthodox to focus on the feet in a person with a shoulder problem, that is not unusual for Dr. Williams. When a stable base was created for him, his shoulder pain went away.  She then had the opportunity to rehab my daughter after she tore her ACL in high school. The rehab process took 3 months of nearly daily exercise and hard work but my daughter returned to the playing field exactly 3 months after her surgery, stronger than she was prior to the injury.  Dr. Williams has been invaluable to my elderly father as well, implementing exercises to help him maintain his balance as he ages, as well as fine-tuning redundant medications.   Dr.  Williams never tires of learning, and has boundless energy which allows her to pursue her passion for healthy living and delivering that to others.  Her broad knowledge base has helped us immensely with dietary changes resulting in increased energy and staving off diabetes, as well as exercise programming for our athlete children, myself and my husband in middle age , and my elderly father.  In short, I know no one like her, and consider her to be a true blessing to my entire family."

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