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SPORTS MEDICINE...Our goal is the restoration of athletic and active lifestyles to injured athletes, adults and children of all ages. Dr. Williams takes pride in providing the community with the highest quality sports medicine care. Whether you are a professional athlete, student athlete or recreational athlete, she strives to provide timely and comprehensive care of injuries to muscle, tendon, ligament, joint & bone injuries. Click on links below to read more information...

FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE...Our goal is for you to have a health span, not just a lifespan. Functional medicine gets to the underlying cause of your medical concerns ie. the “thing” behind the “thing” behind the “thing” and provides personalized medical care designed just for you. Dr. Williams takes pride in providing the community with the highest quality of functional medicine care - Is your body getting proper nourishment? Remember your brain controls everything, and when the brain fails, everything it controls fails as well. Click on links below to read more information...

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 Listen to the Soundcloud below of Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams as the guest speaker being interviewed by

Dr. Candice on the KIDing Around show. Topic for this episode is: "5 Ways to help your young athlete stay injury free".


Dr. Williams was invited to Harvard University

 July 29th & 30th 2016 and spoke of


on ACL Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Prevention




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