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How Do You Revive a Dying Plant?


Would you give a dying plant caffeine, canola oil or soda? Most often, we instinctively know what to do to revitalize a plant but don’t always know what do to revitalize ourselves when we are not thriving! At Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness, we want you to meet your full potential and to thrive daily. In order to do this you need to build a good foundation.  Are you impairing or enhancing your growth? You determine the future of YOUR health!


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Meet Cyd Charisse Williams, MD


"Discovering the root of the problem, treating the
cause, and getting to the heart of the issue."
Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams, MD, has been in the medical field practicing medicine for 25 years. Her knowledge, care for her patient’s, and passion for her work is what creates a top of the line, one-to-one experience that is unlike any traditional medical office. Dr. Williams practices with Functional Medicine, meaning she gets to the underlying cause of your medical concerns, instead of chasing the symptoms— getting to the heart of the issue.  


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