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An initial consultation involves a few different aspects. Initially Dr. Williams listens to your top health concerns, then she will give a session of patient education related to your health concerns. There will be a physical assessment of how your body is functioning as a whole body, not just a single joint. Dr. Williams will develop a personalized health plan after obtaining cutting edge specialized labs, bloodwork, additional specialized medical assessments or genetics testing that address your health concerns. Your unique personalized health plan may include lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplementation, exercise or muscle strengthening exercises.


Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams’ goal is to give you a healthspan, not just a lifespan. Functional medicine gets to the underlying cause of your medical concerns ie. the “thing” behind the “thing” behind the “thing” and provides personalized medical care designed just for you. Dr. Williams takes pride in providing the community with the highest quality functional medicine care. If you have constipation, your brain is failing, if you have hypertension, your brain is failing, if you have parkinson's disease, your brain is failing- remember your brain controls everything, and when the brain fails, everything it controls fails as well. At Wellness by Cyd Charisse, M.D., you will receive timely and comprehensive care of your entire body.


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