Our high school baseball coach recommended we see Dr. Williams after several seasons of sore back, shoulder and bicep related to my son’s pitching.

MRI revealed that he had a damaged UC ligament in his elbow. Dr. Williams explained in detail that surgery was not required, and the injury was just the result from pitching with the incorrect muscles and sequence. My son was throwing with his back and as a result other muscles were compensating and getting injured. “You gotta use your butt and abs”, Dr. Williams went on to explain the muscular connections when pitching and gave my son exercises to engage and strengthen his lower half, shoulders and core.

After a summer under Dr. Williams care my son is now throwing 90mph, stronger, healthier and has better understanding of his mechanics.

Dr. Williams experience, knowledge, mental support, and whole-body approach cannot be understated. Always checking in and being available for questions, she is fantastic!

My only wish is that we met Dr. Williams years ago to learn the right way to approach my son’s pitching. If your child is serious about his or her sport you need to see Dr. Williams to get them on the right path to avoid injury and be an elite athlete!

in the near future!!   



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