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A Majority of Sports Injuries can be Prevented

Just because you do not have pain, does not mean you are not injured!Unfortunately, as an athlete you could be at the top of your sport, having the best performances of your life, unaware that your muscle activation has been in a substitution pattern. Substitution patterns are compensations for weak muscles or poor biomechanics. Imagine this scenario…your hamstring has...


Recovery from any Sports injury is not as important as how you developed the injury  

Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams will help you heal or prevent injuries by eliminating faulty muscle biomechanics, and weaknesses. The Athletics Sports Medicine Athletics Edge system allows athletes with a torn ACL to return to sport in 3-4 months instead of the usual 6-12 months with full recovery. Dr. Williams is a...


Every 25 seconds a Young Athlete goes to the ER

with a Sports Injury 

In some sports the youth teams are playing more games in a weekend than professional teams play a week. The most common sports injuries are sprained ligaments and strained muscles.

The top 10 sports injuries are as follows...





AVOID Tommy John

If you are not a baseball fan you are wondering who or what is a Tommy John? In baseball pitching, repetitive stress occurs to the inside of the elbow injuring, the ulnar collateral ligament. This was considered a career ending injury until Tommy John surgery revolutionized baseball by reconstructing the ligament restoring stability to the elbow. Surgical repair of the ligament is named after the first baseball pitcher to receive this surgery...


What can we learn from Sumo Wrestlers?

The National Institute of Health spends 80 million dollars yearly to research why Americans are becoming more obese. What do we know so far about obesity? Research shows that refined sugars and carbohydrates are stored as fat or produce fat in the body, contributing to obesity. Americans consume 57 gallons of soda per year, contributing to twenty percent of the daily American calories coming from sugar-containing...


Harvard University Presentation

Dr. Williams was invited to Harvard University July 29th & 30th 2016 and spoke of FORWARD THINKING FORUM on ACL Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Prevention.  



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