Have You Had to Stop Playing Your Sport Because of an Injury?
Have you been in that appointment where surgery
or cortisone shots seemed to be your only option? 
I was there, surgery booked the following week, not knowing but trusting
that the Doctor’s treatment was the best option for me… Thankfully I obtained a third
opinion from Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams showing me a different treatment approach!
Come let Dr. Williams evaluate you for a second, third or fourth opinion,
or however many times you have tried other assessments that have not
gotten to the underlying cause. Dr. Williams has a unique therapeutic
approach involving the whole body, not just your injury or area
of concern. Dr. Williams always has the patients’ back.
We cannot wait to see you and help you recover or prevent
an injury, making you healthier, better, faster and stronger!





Call or email Wellness by Cyd Charisse, MD

today and let us get you and/or your family back on track!

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