My Fantastic Experience with Athletics


When I decided to go see yet another doctor to help me with my sports injuries I was skeptical to say the least. I as not sure if there was any doctor that could help me figure out why I was unable to perform at my best and understand how to help me become the best athlete I could be.However the game changer was when I met Dr. Williams for the very first consultation. From that day on I was sure that I would get the help I needed not only to be a better athlete and to be injury free but to be a healthier person overall. In the first session she spent over 3 hours dedicated to me, listening to my trials and problems and pin pointing the problems I needed to work on as far as nutrition and fatigue. No other doctor that I have been to would spend so much time listening and taking time to examine the whole picture. I felt so comforted when she told me that all my crazy, seemingly unrelated symptoms made sense to her and that there were solutions to fix them. To hear those words and to know there were solutions to alleviate my symptoms made me feel comforted and I decided I wanted to know how to employ those solutions as soon as possible. In the months ahead I immersed myself in Dr. Williams methods and treatments and trusted her fully to get me back on track. For every question I had she had an answer and for every worry I had she gave me reason not to doubt. She made herself more available than any other doctor I've ever had and I never felt like she was too busy to help me. Her team of chiropractic, as well as massage therapists is the holistic approach that is not seen very often but is the only way all my needs would have been met sufficiently and in a timely manner.Her helpful and friendly staff accommodated my busy schedule and always made me feel welcome. It has been 5 months of healthy running for me which is 5 months more than I had before I went to see Dr. Williams. From the first visit I was confident that she knew what tests to run and how to get me back on track in every sense of the word. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been and because of Dr. Williams my athletics future is bright!





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