Feeling Fantastic




I don't know how to begin to thank Dr. Williams for all of her help. During the week of Christmas, I stood up and had the most excruciating pain in my knee and literally collapsed on the floor. My husband had to help me up. I was not able to walk on my own for days.  I could not even drive because it hurt to push on the gas or the brake. I was treated by my chiropractor. This helped, but did not make the entire problem go away.He suggested that I should see Dr. Williams when it had not improved any more at the end of a week. When I went in to see Dr. Williams, she did a thorough exam and determined the problem She did several cold laser treatments, gave me an exercise program, and even went so far as to order an orthotic insert for me from the podiatrist in our building and gave me a list of shoes that would be best for me. After following her advice, I am significantly improved. When this first occurred, I was afraid that I would have to have surgery. She is FANTASTIC!!




- Linda Klohr

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