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Two things you need to know about that can enhance your health!


1. Infrared Saunas

Many of you love saunas and hot tubs for the heat.  The heat relaxes your muscles and makes you feel good.  Imagine if that warmth could help improve function of your body. Infrared sauna therapy enhances your body's function by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation by increasing the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enhances blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to your aching muscles and tissues to promote healing which reduces pain and inflammation.  

Infrared therapy helps your body naturally remove toxins through the body's natural filters the lymphatic system, kidneys and liver. Many users of personal infrared saunas report improvement in their symptoms of insomnia. In addition, weight loss is enhanced by the infrared sauna because it increases the core body temperature enhancing the body's ability to burn body fat. See time magazine article  "Are infrared saunas healthy"  September 7, 2016.

The redness in the before and after pictures shown above show the increase blood flow (in red) after infrared therapy.


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2. Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness REHAB 360 

Are you looking for a unique piece of equipment? Tired of treadmills?

Get a great workout in for a fraction of time! The Rehab 360 is your answer! 


Dr. Williams collaborated with HELIX to create the Athletic Edge REHAB 360 for aerobic fitness, preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries. The REHAB 360 is one of the most challenging fitness/rehab equipment you will ever use and will work muscles you don't normally work on a treadmill or elliptical. The REHAB 360 strengthens the inner and outer thigh, hamstring, quadriceps and abdomen simultaneously! REHAB 360 will stabilize knees, hips, reduce lower back pain, and strengthen muscles while maintaining aerobic fitness. It Is the only device that stabilizes the pelvis and knees in 360 degree range of motion. It is the best low impact exercise for your knees.



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