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Every 25 seconds a Young Athlete goes to the ER with a Sports Injury 

In some sports the youth teams are playing more games in a weekend than professional teams play a week. The most common sports injuries are sprained ligaments and strained muscles.

The top 10 sports injuries are as follows:

  1. Patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain/pain under the knee cap)
  2. Shoulder injuries
  3. Elbow injuries
  4. Hamstring strain
  5. Sciatica
  6. Shin splint
  7. Groin pulls
  8. Concussions
  9. ACL sprains/tears
  10. Hip flexor strain

Overuse injuries can occur if the athlete is practicing, and competing in games or tournament all year round without adequate rest and nutrition.  The nutritional aspect is especially important if the athlete is still maturing. Since baseball is played all year round in the south. Most collegiate baseball programs prefer to recruit baseball pitchers from the North because baseball pitchers in the South account for a majority of the Tommy John surgeries because of ulnar collateral ligaments overuse injuries.  The most common serious knee injury is a sprain or tear of the ACL(anterior cruciate ligament).  There are greater than 200,000 ACL injuries between the ages of 12-45 years of age per year.  The diagnosis, and surgical treatment  of ACL injuries account for 500 million dollars in medical costs per year. 

The brain is smart at substituting different muscle groups to accommodate for a weak muscle.  When an athlete is performing well it does not mean that a muscle substitution pattern will not lead to a future injury. Then the overuse injuries occur to muscles, tendons and ligaments when the substitute muscle breaks down because it is doing the work of 2 muscles. Prevent injuries at Athletics Sports Medicine by correcting improper biomechanics and muscle weaknesses. Injuries considered just part of sports can be prevented.

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