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Recovery from any Sports injury is not as important as how you developed the injury  

Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams will help you heal or prevent injuries by eliminating faulty muscle biomechanics, and weaknesses. The Athletics Sports Medicine Athletics Edge system allows athletes with a torn ACL to return to sport in 3-4 months instead of the usual 6-12 months with full recovery. 

Dr. Williams is a Functional Sports Medicine physician and author of The Athletic Edge: Fundamentals of Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Williams collaborated with Helix to create the Athletics Edge REHAB360  that rehabilitates and prevent sports injuries by stabilizing the pelvis and knee while maintaining aerobic capacity.  Dr. Williams a former Division I athlete has been the team physician at four USA Track and Field World Championships.

Dr. Williams studied Pediatric, Adolescent , Adult and Child Sports Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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