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What can we learn from Sumo Wrestlers?

The National Institute of Health spends 80 million dollars yearly to research why Americans are becoming more obese. What do we know so far about obesity? Research shows that refined sugars and carbohydrates are stored as fat or produce fat in the body, contributing to obesity. Americans consume 57 gallons of soda per year, contributing to twenty percent of the daily American calories coming from sugar-containing drinks. Americans eat 152 pounds of sugar, 146 pounds of flour and 24 pounds of ice cream per year. Research shows that refined sugars and carbohydrates are stored as fat or produce fat in the body, contributing to obesity and diabetes.


The 2000-year tradition of Sumo wrestling has already shown us how to create obesity. Their method is to SKIP BREAKFAST, overeat large quantities of rice and noodles, drink lots of beer, and sleep immediately after eating 5-10,000 calories. This method slows down your metabolism and causes the deposition of body fat. This tried and trusted method produces wrestlers weighing an average of 412 pounds with the heaviest weighing 705! In addition, the wrestlers end up with heart attacks, chronic diabetes, high cholesterol, and chronic liver disease from the alcohol intake...Sound familiar?


The state of health in Americans has declined with diabetes, heart attacks and cancer tripling in the last 10 years. The average American adult, starting at age 30, will gain an average of 1-5 pounds or more per year until death. In addition, 50% of your muscle mass can be lost between the ages of 30-70. The loss of muscle mass slows down your metabolism, increasing your body fat and making you weaker.  


I think we already have an ideal of what is contributing to obesity in America. Does your schedule remotely resemble the skipping breakfast, eating in a hurry, eating in the evening and going to bed routine? This strategy works because the ability to burn calories decreases when you skip meals, overeat or sleep after a meal. Ingesting large quantities of food or eating the wrong food increases the deposition of body fat, increasing your weight. It takes 20 minutes for your body to acknowledge that you are full and encourage you to stop eating.  


To avoid excess weight gain, eat breakfast, do not skip meals, drink water, eat (a balanced diet) in moderation and exercise.

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