Functional Medicine (Wellness)

Improving your health by discovering and treating 

the underlying causes of your health concern(s).


Educating each individual so that they can heal, understand their body and focus on prevention, and not wait for an illness to occur.  We want you to have a health span, not just a lifespan.

Our goal is for you to have a health span, not just a lifespan. Functional medicine gets to the underlying cause of your medical concerns ie. the “thing” behind the “thing” behind the “thing” and provides personalized medical care designed just for you. Dr. Williams takes pride in providing the community with the highest quality of functional medicine care - Is your body getting proper nourishment? Remember your brain controls everything, and when the brain fails, everything it controls fails as well. You can improve your brains function, you control the future of your health. At Wellness by Cyd Charisse, M.D., you will receive timely and comprehensive assessments of how your body is functioning and what to do to improve your overall health.


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