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It is likely that your home is the most expensive item you own. Who doesn't want to live in an exclusive subdivision with homes that maintain their value to protect your investment? FEES AND FINES HAVE TO BE PAID IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE SUBDIVISION BYLAWS. After all, that is why homeowners associations exist, right? Everything requires maintenance. What happens when you don't cut the grass, paint your house or change oil in your car?


WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM YOU OWN? Do you want to look your best? Do you adorn yourselves with the latest fashion? Do you drink soda or water? What is the quality of the food you eat? Do you exercise? Do you smoke? UNFORTUNATELY, THERE ARE NO HEALTH ASSOCIATIONS REGARDING YOUR MAINTENANCE. HEALTH FINES AND FEES MANIFEST IN THE FORM OF CHRONIC ILLNESS OR INJURIES WHICH OFTEN COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. Do you go in for your medical check ups and tests? You want the best for your family, home and cars.  Do you treat yourself like your home or your cars? Do you put yourself last on your list of priorities?


The price of staying healthy is far less than the pain and expense of illness, injury and regret. Whom in this world are you possibly going to benefit by neglecting yourself or your family, year after year until your health and emotional states deteriorate? Do not settle for today's path of least resistance without thinking of tomorrow's consequences for yourself and your family. If you do not allocate time for your health an injury or illness will allocate the time for you!! 


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