How Do You Revive a Dying Plant?


Most often, we instinctively know what to do to revitalize a plant but don’t always

know what do to revitalize ourselves when we are not thriving! At Athletics Sports

Medicine and Wellness, we want you to meet your full potential and to thrive daily.


In order to do this you need to build a good foundation.

You can enhance your body’s function with the following…

- drink 1 gallon of filtered water daily

- exercise minimally for 10 min 3x daily (vary your heart rate)

- eat organic fruits and veggies

- eat organic, grass fed and grass finished beef

- eat organic, free range eggs

- get the recommended amount of sleep

- get plenty of sunshine (wear sunscreen)

…and don’t forget to get plenty of laughter, hugs (with family)

and to tell someone how much you love them!


Are you impairing or enhancing your growth? You determine the future of YOUR health!


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