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The Secret Rehabilitation Tool Used by COLLEGIATE PROGRAMS



The Athletic Edge POWER 360 HELIX allows athletes to prevent injury with improved pelvic stability and return from injury better, faster, stronger and aerobically fit with more pelvic stability.  This is not your regular HELIX, it is built for ATHLETES.


Dr. Williams collaborated with HELIX to create the POWER 360 for preventing and rehabilitating sports injuries.  The POWER 360 will strengthen the glutes, abdominal muscles, quadriceps and quads better than an elliptical.


The POWER 360 strengthens the inner and outer thigh, hamstring, quadriceps and abdomen simultaneously.  The POWER 360 with stabilize knees, hips, reduce lower back pain and strengthen muscles while maintaining aerobic fitness.  It is the ONLY device that stabilizes the pelvis in all range in motion.  The POWER 360 will rehab your athletes while maintaining aerobic capacity.


"The POWER 360 was the key to my recovery.  I recovered earlier than I expected.  I've yet to face another machine that has challenged me like this one or helped realign my body.  I highly recommend this for any athlete rehabbing  or wants to excel in their sport."

R.W. (Basketball/Soccer)


"It works well with my rehab techniques.  There is a wide scope of injuries that rehabilitated with the POWER 360.  I was only on it for 2 minutes and already felt it's benefits!"

Cody Hartz (Ball State Baseball/Football Athletic Trainer)


"While I was training for the Olympic Trials, my first thought on the POWER 360 was, Why is this machine kickin' my butt?"

"Dr. Williams explained that the machine was working my weak muscles and stabilizing my spine.  The POWER 360 definitely made me better, faster and stronger!"

Fiona A. (Track and Field)


(Previously called the Rehab 360)


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