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Cyd Charisse Williams, MD

Dr. Williams is perfectly suited to help you recover from any sports, recreational or job-related injury.

She was trained at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and then in the Primary Care Sports Medicine program from 1994-1996. She specialized in the treatment of adults and children with musculoskeletal injuries.  This means Dr. Williams can treat many of the same injuries that an orthopedist does without having to be a surgeon.

Dr. Williams also has a fellowship in Sports Medicine, which includes extensive work with adolescent medicine and pediatric care.

In 1994, Dr Williams completed her pediatric residency at the University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Since then Dr. Williams has kept up with cutting-edge sports medicine research and attended specific physical therapy conferences to remain current in her field.

In addition, Dr Williams traveled with the USA Track and Field Team to take care of their Junior Olympics and Olympic-caliber athletes. She's attended 4 World Championships with the teams.





It's All about the Patient

Dr. Williams provides one-on-one care throughout the entire recovery phase of your injury.   In fact, she will work closely with your physical therapist or personal trainer and coach to make sure you receive the best care while you rec

over from you injury.

Dr. Williams will outline a return-to-sport schedule to insure maximum healing and recovery so that the chances of re-injury are minimized.

Recovery from any injury is important, but what is more important is how you developed the injury. When Dr. Williams determines the precise cause of your injury, she will use that information to correct any underlying problems, which is another way to minimize re-injury.  ASM offers Rehab services and we will work closely with you, our patient.

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