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"Mother Nature does not need help but requires no interference" (Palmer).

Imagine regaining the hair and muscle mass you've lost over the years!! God designed the body to operate perfectly;  however, our poor choices and/or environment alter the function of the body. The signs of aging occur when the body cannot function as designed. There are a combination of hormonal and nutritional problems that lead to loss of your muscle mass and hair.

Hair loss is common but can be devastating, not to discount men, especially if you are a woman. Hair loss is more complicated than you think. Luckily, there are 3 products developed to help your body go back on track.

Keri Cell hair care products bring these improvements:

*Help block the cause of your hair loss

*Activate your hair follicles, aiding in re-growth of hair

*Decrease further hair loss 

*Strengthen the hair

Keri Cell results can be seen in just 3 months. This amazing product was developed by a fellow Floridian! Contact ASM & Wellness to help you figure out the nutritional and hormonal deficits causing your hair loss, and start using Keri Cell now. The first three people to inquire about this incredible product will receive a free sample of Keri Cell shampoo and conditioner.     


Unfortunately, the body loses its ability to lose body fat and gain muscle with aging.  This causes muscle loss known as sarcopenia. You know when this kicks in, especially if you are over 40. Sarcotropin was created by a physician allowing the body's own physiology to function normally, burning fat and gaining muscle mass with natural ingredients. In approximately 3 months, Sarcotropin will help your muscle building and fat burning hormones to function properly. The more muscle mass you have determines the amount of calories you burn. You will see the results you are looking for with your workouts.


As a Functional Medicine physician, Nutrametrix is one of my favorite nutritional supplement companies. What is in the bottle is on the label, and what is on the label is in the bottle. This is not the case with most of the supplements on unregulated supplement markets, as reported by the attorney general. It's important in my practice to use pure products because professional and collegiate athletes are drug tested.

Nutrametrix products are:

*Rapidly absorbed from your stomach and require no digestion 

*Gluten free, vegan 

*Have sugar levels equivalent to eating 1/4 of an apple

 To place a order, click on Nutrametrix at AthleticsSportsMedicine.com


Athletics Sports Medicine can help you become healthier and stronger, while Sarcotropin brings your hormones back on track. Let ASM & Wellness help you regain your youth with improved body function and nutrition. Reverse the results of poor environmental stress and choices before it is too late. You determine your health! Mention Cornerstone Connection in the of month of August, and receive 10% off Keri Cell and Sarcotropin. 

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