The best therapy is prevention. Don’t let common Track and Field injuries be a part of your history! Athletics Sports Medicine can help you prevent and recover from Track and Field sports injuries.


Ankle sprains?

Lower extremity stress fractures?

Achilles tendonitis?

MCL or ACL injuries?

Bursitis of the knee/shoulder?

Shoulder pain or dislocation?

Neck or low back pain?

Hip impingement/labral tear?

Do you have knee, hip or ankle pain or strains?

IT band tightness/strains?

Shin splints?

Hamstring or quad issues?

Hip or groin issues?

Knee pain?


Are you experiencing any of the symptoms above? Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness wants to help you maximize your performance in your event. With our specialized rehabilitation techniques, we will have you competing better than ever. Learn how to correct biomechanical imbalances, enhance your performance, prevent injury and get back to what you love, competing!


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