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Recovery from any Sports injury is not as important as how you developed the injury  


Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams will help you heal or prevent injuries by eliminating faulty muscle biomechanics, and weaknesses. The Athletics Sports Medicine Athletics Edge system allows athletes with a torn ACL to return to sport in 3-4 months instead of the usual 6-12 months with full recovery. 

Dr. Williams is a Functional Sports Medicine physician and author of The Athletic Edge: Fundamentals of Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Williams collaborated with Helix to create the Athletics Edge REHAB360  that rehabilitates and prevent sports injuries by stabilizing the pelvis and knee while maintaining aerobic capacity.  Dr. Williams a former Division I athlete has been the team physician at four USA Track and Field World Championships.

Dr. Williams studied Pediatric, Adolescent , Adult and Child Sports Medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


  Every 25 seconds a Young Athlete goes to the ER with a Sports Injury 


In some sports the youth teams are playing more games in a weekend than professional teams play a week. The most common sports injuries are sprained ligaments and strained muscles.

The top 10 sports injuries are as follows:

  1. Patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain/pain under the knee cap)
  2. Shoulder injuries
  3. Elbow injuries
  4. Hamstring strain
  5. Sciatica
  6. Shin splint
  7. Groin pulls
  8. Concussions
  9. ACL sprains/tears
  10. Hip flexor strain

Overuse injuries can occur if the athlete is practicing, and competing in games or tournament all year round without adequate rest and nutrition.  The nutritional aspect is especially important if the athlete is still maturing. Since baseball is played all year round in the south. Most collegiate baseball programs prefer to recruit baseball pitchers from the North because baseball pitchers in the South account for a majority of the Tommy John surgeries because of ulnar collateral ligaments overuse injuries.  The most common serious knee injury is a sprain or tear of the ACL(anterior cruciate ligament).  There are greater than 200,000 ACL injuries between the ages of 12-45 years of age per year.  The diagnosis, and surgical treatment  of ACL injuries account for 500 million dollars in medical costs per year. 


The brain is smart at substituting different muscle groups to accommodate for a weak muscle.  When an athlete is performing well it does not mean that a muscle substitution pattern will not lead to a future injury. Then the overuse injuries occur to muscles, tendons and ligaments when the substitute muscle breaks down because it is doing the work of 2 muscles. Prevent injuries at Athletics Sports Medicine by correcting improper biomechanics and muscle weaknesses. Injuries considered just part of sports can be prevented.


   AVOID Tommy John


    If you are not a baseball fan you are wondering who or what is a Tommy John? In baseball pitching, repetitive stress occurs to the inside of the elbow injuring, the ulnar collateral ligament. This was considered a career ending injury until Tommy John surgery revolutionized baseball by reconstructing the ligament restoring stability to the elbow. Surgical repair of the ligament is named after the first baseball pitcher to receive this surgery in 1974.   


     Unfortunately, today most of the Tommy John procedures occur between the ages of 15-19, increasing at an alarming rate of 9% every year. This injury continues to increase despite our efforts to reduce the injury with pitch counts etc…Often an athlete will have pain in their elbow and rest until their elbow feels better.  But once they resume pitching the pain will recur because the underlying cause of the stress was not addressed. The ligament injury results from abnormal muscle biomechanics, muscle weakness  and a lack of true core strength.  These issues result in too much stress on the elbow resulting in injury. Therefore, rest is not enough.


     Regrettably, at a glance the surgical procedure alone appears to be responsible for the pitchers’ continued success after surgery. In reality, the faulty muscle mechanics and weakness that caused the injury are corrected resulting in an improved performance after surgery along with a new ligament. However, since many pitchers have had more than one surgical procedure, if underlying stresses are not addressed re-injury will occur. The goal is to NEVER have a Tommy John procedure! Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams has corrected muscle weakness and poor biomechanics allowing players to pursue their dreams of playing baseball at Missouri State, Princeton, Notre Dame,  Ball State and Mississippi State just to name a few… Prevent injury at Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness! 




    It is likely that your home is the most expensive item you own. Who doesn't want to live in an exclusive subdivision with homes that maintain their value to protect your investment? FEES AND FINES HAVE TO BE PAID IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE SUBDIVISION BYLAWS. After all, that is why homeowners associations exist, right? Everything requires maintenance. What happens when you don't cut the grass, paint your house or change oil in your car?


     WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM YOU OWN? Do you want to look your best? Do you adorn yourselves with the latest fashion? Do you drink soda or water? What is the quality of the food you eat? Do you exercise? Do you smoke? UNFORTUNATELY, THERE ARE NO HEALTH ASSOCIATIONS REGARDING YOUR MAINTENANCE. HEALTH FINES AND FEES MANIFEST IN THE FORM OF CHRONIC ILLNESS OR INJURIES WHICH OFTEN COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. Do you go in for your medical check ups and tests? You want the best for your family, home and cars.  Do you treat yourself like your home or your cars? Do you put yourself last on your list of priorities?


     The price of staying healthy is far less than the pain and expense of illness, injury and regret. Whom in this world are you possibly going to benefit by neglecting yourself or your family, year after year until your health and emotional states deteriorate? Do not settle for today's path of least resistance without thinking of tomorrow's consequences for yourself and your family. If you do not allocate time for your health an injury or illness will allocate the time for you!! 

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What can we learn from Sumo Wrestlers?


The National Institute of Health spends 80 million dollars yearly to research why Americans are becoming more obese. What do we know so far about obesity? Research shows that refined sugars and carbohydrates are stored as fat or produce fat in the body, contributing to obesity. Americans consume 57 gallons of soda per year, contributing to twenty percent of the daily American calories coming from sugar-containing drinks. Americans eat 152 pounds of sugar, 146 pounds of flour and 24 pounds of ice cream per year. Research shows that refined sugars and carbohydrates are stored as fat or produce fat in the body, contributing to obesity and diabetes.


The 2000-year tradition of Sumo wrestling has already shown us how to create obesity. Their method is to SKIP BREAKFAST, overeat large quantities of rice and noodles, drink lots of beer, and sleep immediately after eating 5-10,000 calories. This method slows down your metabolism and causes the deposition of body fat. This tried and trusted method produces wrestlers weighing an average of 412 pounds with the heaviest weighing 705! In addition, the wrestlers end up with heart attacks, chronic diabetes, high cholesterol, and chronic liver disease from the alcohol intake...Sound familiar?


The state of health in Americans has declined with diabetes, heart attacks and cancer tripling in the last 10 years. The average American adult, starting at age 30, will gain an average of 1-5 pounds or more per year until death. In addition, 50% of your muscle mass can be lost between the ages of 30-70. The loss of muscle mass slows down your metabolism, increasing your body fat and making you weaker.  


I think we already have an ideal of what is contributing to obesity in America. Does your schedule remotely resemble the skipping breakfast, eating in a hurry, eating in the evening and going to bed routine? This strategy works because the ability to burn calories decreases when you skip meals, overeat or sleep after a meal. Ingesting large quantities of food or eating the wrong food increases the deposition of body fat, increasing your weight. It takes 20 minutes for your body to acknowledge that you are full and encourage you to stop eating.  


To avoid excess weight gain, eat breakfast, do not skip meals, drink water, eat (a balanced diet) in moderation and exercise.

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 Aging is Optional


"Mother Nature does not need help but requires no interference" (Palmer).


Imagine regaining the hair and muscle mass you've lost over the years!! God designed the body to operate perfectly;  however, our poor choices and/or environment alter the function of the body. The signs of aging occur when the body cannot function as designed. There are a combination of hormonal and nutritional problems that lead to loss of your muscle mass and hair.

Hair loss is common but can be devastating, not to discount men, especially if you are a woman. Hair loss is more complicated than you think. Luckily, there are 3 products developed to help your body go back on track.

Keri Cell hair care products bring these improvements:

*Help block the cause of your hair loss

*Activate your hair follicles, aiding in re-growth of hair

*Decrease further hair loss 

*Strengthen the hair

Keri Cell results can be seen in just 3 months. This amazing product was developed by a fellow Floridian! Contact ASM & Wellness to help you figure out the nutritional and hormonal deficits causing your hair loss, and start using Keri Cell now. The first three people to inquire about this incredible product will receive a free sample of Keri Cell shampoo and conditioner.     


Unfortunately, the body loses its ability to lose body fat and gain muscle with aging.  This causes muscle loss known as sarcopenia. You know when this kicks in, especially if you are over 40. Sarcotropin was created by a physician allowing the body's own physiology to function normally, burning fat and gaining muscle mass with natural ingredients. In approximately 3 months, Sarcotropin will help your muscle building and fat burning hormones to function properly. The more muscle mass you have determines the amount of calories you burn. You will see the results you are looking for with your workouts.


As a Functional Medicine physician, Nutrametrix is one of my favorite nutritional supplement companies. What is in the bottle is on the label, and what is on the label is in the bottle. This is not the case with most of the supplements on unregulated supplement markets, as reported by the attorney general. It's important in my practice to use pure products because professional and collegiate athletes are drug tested.

Nutrametrix products are:

*Rapidly absorbed from your stomach and require no digestion 

*Gluten free, vegan 

*Have sugar levels equivalent to eating 1/4 of an apple

 To place a order, click on Nutrametrix at


Athletics Sports Medicine can help you become healthier and stronger, while Sarcotropin brings your hormones back on track. Let ASM & Wellness help you regain your youth with improved body function and nutrition. Reverse the results of poor environmental stress and choices before it is too late. You determine your health! Mention Cornerstone Connection in the of month of August, and receive 10% off Keri Cell and Sarcotropin. Call Dr. Williams at 407-341-6667.


I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!


I am frequently asked my opinion about whether barefoot running is a good idea. My response is always the same. I tell them the question they should be more concerned about is if they can squat all the way down to the ground with their feet straight ahead and heels flat to the ground and then stand back up again with assistance. If you are UNABLE to do that it is likely that you will need a LIFE ALERT DEVICE in your golden years. Why, you ask? For those of you who know where I am going with this and you are thinking...I am young this article is not for me...Hold on, keep reading. These test apply to you as well. If you are young and already unable to perform this task your future stability is at risk as well. Remember we are all aging...just at different rates depending on your fitness level. 


As you age the chances of a fall increases exponentially. There are 3 reasons why the elderly fall...Remember the balance test from the March article when you stood on one leg, then closed your eyes and lost your balance? What happens to your vision as you age? Our brain requires visual input for balance. Your eyes tell you where you are in space. If your hearing declines you have now lost your human sonar.  You can tell if someone is talking in front of you, behind you or to the side of you when your eyes are closed. So, we have 2 senses to help our brain orient us in space. The third, are your feet.  Believe it or not there are more sensory neurons in your hands and feet than in your sexual organs. If these neurons are compromised by diabetes, stroke and spinal impingement it will affect the nerves in your feet. Combine these balance deficiencies with muscle weakness and it becomes the perfect storm for a FALL.


Obviously, falls can put your life in danger. Unfortunately, cardiovascular fitness levels are reduced by this point as well. In 1999, Dr. Claudio Gil Arauj developed an additional test that has been associated with life expectancy. Only God knows how long we have on this earth, however, I am sure you are familiar with the frequency of hip fractures as you age. But did you know that there is a 5 fold and 8 fold risk of death within the first 3 months after a hip fracture for women and men? Two years out from the hip fracture still carries 2 and 2.5 increased risk of death respectively for women and men. So, here is Dr. Claudio Gil Arauj's test to give you insight into your current state of health.  Dr. Arauj's study evaluated patients between the ages of 51 and 80 years of age.



  1. Start by standing upright in a spacious area
  2. Slowly squat in a cross-legged position on the floor in a sitting position without using your upper extremity
  3. After sitting for a few seconds, stand up again without using your upper extremity 



The test is scored on a point scale between 1 and 10 (5 points for sitting, 5 more points for standing back up). Each time you use an arm or knee for helping yourself balancing during the test, one point is subtracted from 10 possible points. Half a point is subtracted each time you lose balance or when the fluidity of the feet becomes clumsy.



Those who scored less than 8 points on the test were twice as likely to die within the next six years (De Brito et al. 2012). Those who scored three points or less were five times more likely to die within that same time period. Regardless of your age, the test should provide a useful benchmark for your overall health. If you’re younger than 50 and have trouble with this test, it ought to be a wake-up call. 

Remember what the flight attendant said...PLEASE put on your oxygen mask before assisting others. We have a tendency to put our spouses and children first. Illness affects the whole family! Take care of yourself! Keep up your strength, range of motion and brain function. YOU CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE OF YOUR HEALTH. 


Call Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness today at 407-341-6667 and let us get you back on track.  Go to  to read more about strength and balance testing.



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