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After just 4 months and 3 weeks out from her ACL tear surgery, (September 20, 2012), Charisse Williams was back on the basketball courts at Westminster as of February 6, 2013. The doctors, coaches and parents believe "all systems are a go" for this budding sophomore athlete. "We are thrilled with her progress, it's the fastest I've seen an ACL tear recovery," says Dr. Melander.




How could it be that Charisse had such an amazing recovery time and then released to be back on the courts after her recent ACL tear? A team of doctors supported Charisse's recovery, Matthew Melander, MD, physical therapist, Paul Hallemann, of Excel Rehab, and one specifically using integrative therapies, which is believed to give her the extra edge in recovery, Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams of Athletic Sports Medicine, where recovery is personalized to maximize recovery and optimize performance, minimizing re-injury.




Practicing sports medicine for 17 years, Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams, private practice owner of Athletic Sports Medicine based in St. Charles for the last 3 years, bucked the traditional 6-9 month ACL recovery time with the use of integrative, alternative modalities for Charisse's torn ACL. Alongside Charisse's surgeon and physical therapist, Dr. Williams, (Charisse's mother), put her skills to work and put her practice to the test in what she does best, quickly recover athletes from injuries. Coupled with inter-office modalities, her inherent knowledge of the human body, and Charisse's biomechanical needs for recovery, Dr. Williams gave Charisse the map to follow for ultimate recovery. Charisse was compliant from day one of her recovery journey and was given the gift of health and clearance in record time that is now turning heads both on and off the basketball court.




Dr. Williams' gift for understanding the human body, noting ongoing individual biomechanics in each patient, leads her to dig deeper than symptom suppression, but to correct underlying causes for injury or trauma. Dr. Williams digs to the root cause of an injury, fault in the body, or lack in performance, and treats with top quality, quick recovery methods. These in-house modalities get the athlete back to optimal maneuvering as soon as possible. "Each person has a different biology to how they are built. There is not a one size fits all protocol," says Dr. Williams. Athletic Sports Medicine takes the whole person into consideration when moving through the recovery space. In fact, the motto is: "it's about the patient." To support the vision of Athletic Sports Medicine's need for enhanced recovery time, the practice is under expansion, positioning itself to offer physical therapy, holistic nutrition, and massage therapy, while continuing to speed communication between practitioners and patients on site for optimal recovery. It truly is about the patient at Athletic Sports Medicine!




Dr. Williams prides the practice on being set up like a home away from home facility with a family atmosphere. Although the atmosphere may be family oriented – a space for studying, a kitchen to store your food, and eat while you are there, having access to multiple pieces of equipment, the elite offerings within the practice give you the assurance that you will get top level results. As a note to the offerings of Athletic Sports Medicine, the practice houses the only elite anti-gravity treadmill in the St. Louis area, which markedly speeds the recovery time to the injured. Patients of the practice have the ability to maneuver through the facility, get their needs met with access to both phenomenal equipment and support from on-site practitioners. Patients are given the utmost care from the moment they walk into the door. It truly is boutique.




It is encouraging to see Westminster sophomore, Charisse Williams, recover and return to play in such a short amount of time. This truly phenomenal recovery is considered a "win" for the doctors, therapists, Charisse, and Westminster. If someone you know is ready to take a personalized approach to healing an ACL tear, trauma or injury, maximize recovery, optimize performance and minimize re- injury by correcting the underlying issues, Athletic Sports Medicine's holistic approach to your recovery is a primary, supplemental option alongside traditional ACL physical therapy. Looking to simply improve your performance and minimize injury? Dr. Williams and Athletic Sports Medicine responds with education and training so an injury is least likely to happen or recur.



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