Whiplash can occur in both low speed and high-speed collisions.


If you have started your PIP evaluation with a chiropractor you will need to have a medical doctor evaluation to continue your therapy.

Dr. Williams will coordinate care with your chiropractor.


Do you have pain as the result of a motor vehicle collision?

Do you have neck pain?

Are you having difficulty working since the collision?

Do you have low back pain? 

Do you have blurry vision or ringing in your ears? 

Are you having headaches since the collision? 


It is important to schedule an initial evaluation within 14 days of the collision so that if your symptoms worsen you are covered by your car insurance. Do not assume that your initial symptoms will improve on their own. It will often take 2 months for the symptoms from your collision to occur. After a thorough physical evaluation, Dr. Cyd Charisse Williams will help you get the care and service needed to recover from injuries incurred from the collision.




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