Low back pain?

Pain between your shoulder blades?

Hip pain?

Neck pain?

Elbow pain?

Shoulder pain?

Do you have knee, hip or ankle pain or strains? 

Wrist, hand or finger injuries?

Do you have foot pain?



Golf is a mental game requiring focus, perfect stance, thoracic spine, hip and ankle mobility. The wrong biomechanics due to muscle weakness and joint stiffness can cause low back pain and interfere with your game. Whether you play competitively or for leisure, Athletics Sports Medicine and Wellness wants to help you maximize your performance and play pain free. Thoracic spine mobility and shoulder blade stabilization will determine how far you hit the ball. Your core strength and hip mobility are needed to get the proper lower body rotation. With our specialized rehabilitation techniques, we will have you playing better than ever. Learn how to correct biomechanical imbalances, enhance your performance, prevent injury and get back to what you love! 



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