Dirk Downing M.Ed.

Dirk Downing holds a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology.  Currently he is a PhD student and consultant in the University of Missouri's Career Counseling and Sport Psychology Program -- the nation's only leading program based on a truly integrative model.   His areas of expertise include sport psychology, positive psychology, and counseling psychology.  Dirk counsels both individual athletes and teams, currently working with the Women's soccer team and golf team.  His individual clients include elite athletes, athletes overcoming injury, and recreational athletes seeking to improve their performance and enjoyment of their sport.


Consulting Style


I offer Sport Psychology Consulting based on the proven effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  This approach teaches individuals how to change thoughts that may be hindering their performance.  Athletes of all levels can be unaware of thoughts that can affect their ability to perform at a high level.  To address this, I teach clients the same mental skills top athletes use to improve their game. These skills include thought control, distraction control, optimal arousal level, and self-talk.   In my practice, I work with clients both to understand these mental skills and then implement them.  Once these mental skills are implemented, we work on game and sport specific scenarios where these skills can benefit the athlete.  Other topics that may be covered, depending upon the specific needs of the client, include mindfulness, self-awareness, confidence, team cohesion, and communication. I believe every athlete is different and therefore requires and deserves an individualized consulting style.


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